Business Law

Mr. Woods has been involved with business law since his first articling position taken with a downtown Toronto corporate boutique firm in 1987. His experience extends from basic incorporation to planning and implementing complex structures such as limited partnerships and mortgage investment corporations, to preparing and filing detailed financing documents such as Offering Memorandums, Debentures and other corporate finance documentation. In addition he is the corporate solicitor for dozens of Ontario and Canadian corporations. If you would like a quote to incorporate, or with respect to any other corporate matter, click here we will respond usually the same day.

Corporate & Commercial Litigation

Our litigation practice is focused on creditor enforcement matters including general debt collection, mortgage enforcement, and lease enforcement issues, as well as real estate and corporate disputes. Contested litigation matters are billed on a time spent basis, although we will provide you with a quote for each step in the litigation process.

For un-contested matters where the defendant does not file a defense (which is quite common for matters such as mortgage and lease enforcement, and debt collection claims) we provide fixed fees for the various steps in the process from issuing the claim through enforcing judgment. If you have litigation matter, please call the office for an appointment to go over what is involved or click here to outline your issue.

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