Online Cloud Backup

Why Online Cloud Backup?

Digital data are important to every organization and obviously must not be lost. For that reason it should be backed up regularly. However, there are a number of disadvantages to a conventional backup on tape or external USB drive. For example you have to replace/attached the storage medium every day and save it outside your organization. Also the backup on USB or External sometimes fails or get corrupted. So stringent monitoring is necessary. Online backup with SAS has a number of major advantages compared to an ordinary backup. But the main advantage is that you no longer need to worry about it.

What we can protect?

SAS Online Backup protects critical and important business and personal data from virus, theft, environmental impact (fire, water), hardware failure, accidental deletion and more. Our backup Software is equipped with a full range of enterprise-class features for backing up data stored in virtual machines, database servers, email servers, file servers, desktops and notebooks.

How data gets backed up?

With SAS Online backup, your data will be encrypted and compressed every day and then uploaded to remote offsite server in datacenter. All backup runs automatically with no human interventions. This eliminates all possibilities of negligence induced problems. All data is saved with High Encryption and decryption is done on the client’s machine with the user’s password, which never transmitted during uploading and downloading of data. Therefore, no one can read the files. So it’s secure and fast and your files and directories can be retrieved and restore very quickly when required.

What is Retention / Versions?

SAS Online Backup has retention option; you can choose whether to retrieve the data backup made yesterday, last week or 60 days ago. For each backup you will receive a brief report by e-mail telling you that the backup was successful. You don’t need to check anything else. So not only can you stop worrying about your backup, you can stop worrying about whether your backup was successful too. So that leaves you more time for important things, such as running your business.

The 3-2-1 Backup Strategy

When it comes to data backup & disaster recovery, we recommend that you follow the classic industry standard of 3-2-1. Always have 3 copies of your data, stored in 2 different locations and have 1 copy off-site. This will increase your chances of being able to retrieve your data, no matter the circumstances or the disaster that comes your way.

Backup Features

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

Cloud Based

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No Contracts

Pay for what you need. Stop paying for resources you don't use.

No Bandwidth Limits

We do not limit the speed at which you can backup or restore. The quicker you can backup the better.

SSL Encryption

All data is transferred over the industry standard secure sockets layer (SSL) to our servers.

256-bit Data Encryption

All data is compressed and encrypted using 256-bit encryption before being sent. We do not keep any encryption keys and cannot access any of your data.

Redundant Storage

Most companies use RAID or have replicate once. With SAS BACKUP all data is replicated 3 times with our cloud storage platform.

Onsite Backup

While doing offsite backups you can also perform a local backup of the same data for quicker restores in case of problems. While doing online data backup in case of disaster!


Phone support available 9-6PM EST Monday through Saturday.

HIPAA Compliant

Comply with private healthcare information protection regulations.

Online Backup Client Agents

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

SAS Online Backup Client Comparison

Basic File, Operating System, and Database Applications

Windows system image bare metal backup
Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express
Microsoft Exchange Server and at Mail level
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Hyper-V Server
VMware ESX / ESXi / Server 2
Oracle Database
Lotus Domino/Notes
Files being opened in Windows / Common files

Backup Automation

Continuous Data Protection for selected files/folders
Flexible Backup Schedule
-Daily and Weekly
-Monthly and Yearly
-Multiple Schedules
Automatic Restart missed backup job

Secure Offsite Protection

Backup account protected by login name and password
Top of the line encryption
-256-bit encryption
-AES algorithm
-TwoFish algorithm and -Triple DES algorithm
128-bit SSL channel support

Easy to Use and Manage

Seed-load utility for copying large data onto backup server
In-File Delta block level incremental / differential backup for Optimized backup
Flexible retention policy
-Simple (by day)
-Advanced (by by week, month, quarter, year, backup job or user defined policies)
Multiple Backup Setup
Logout reminder
Off-line backup reminder
Filter files by extensions
Filter files / folders by any user defined patterns
Keep a local copy of the backup data

Operating Platforms Supported

Mac OS X
Linux / UNIX
Reason One


256-bit encryption is enforced at all times for client data. Data is always encrypted prior to ever leaving a client machine. In compliance with HIPAA, FINRA, and other regulations.

Reason Two


With SMART AFFORDABLE SOLUTIONS all data is replicated 3 times with our cloud storage platform. Feel safe knowing your data will be there when you need it.